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8300hd size of hard drive (Thoughtful) Holidays Gift Ideas for Less Than $15 + 1 Bonus Idea

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Explorer 8000 or 8300 Hard Drive upgrade - AVS Forum
Explorer 8000 or 8300 Hard Drive upgrade Digital Recorders (PVRs) . HD the thing can hold...and NO ONE knew the size of the hard drive).

WeaKnees Expander- Upgrade your Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 ...
High Capacity External Drive for Scientific Atlanta 8300HD / 8240HD . SATA external hard drive for use in Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 High Definition Cable . Capacities are guaranteed to be within 5% larger or smaller of stated size.

Using external SATA / eSATA hard drive with Scientific Atlanta ...
Feb 17, 2010 . The hard drive that was used with the 8300 originally was . the drive is not formatted, or if I partition into 2 equal size partitions it says the drive .

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eSATA Hard Drive Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR 400GB Quickview ...
8300HD eSATA Hard Drive for Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR 400GB. Item Number: . Disk Size: External 3.5" Sustained Throughput (MBps): Average Seek .

Comcast SA 8300HD Hard Drive Upgrade: DVRplayground
However, unless I can significantly increase the size of the internal hard drive, like I did with the Tivo HD, the 8300HD will not work for us.

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD Cable Receiver Reviewed
Dec 31, 2008 . The 8300HD is the best box my Brighthouse Networks provider offers. An HD cable receiver and HD DVR offering a 160-gigabyte hard drive .

Garner HDTD-8300 Hard Drive Degausser for large network hard ...
The HDTD-8300 has a larger energy bank allowing the HDTD-8300 to erase physically . HDTD-8300 Hard Drive Degausser, HDTD-8300 Carrying Case . Spacer for 3.5 inch HDD, Spacer for freelance size media, Spacer sized for 2.5 inch, .

Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HD Manual And Setup Guide - High ...
4) Is there another hard drive that will work? . but I don't, but I thought I saw that the max HD size was 300GB for the eSATA port on the 8300?

8300HD - Internal SATA Hard Disk adapter Upgrade - Page 6 ...
Page 6- 8300HD - Internal SATA Hard Disk adapter Upgrade Rogers Cable . Glad you think that the larger size Tera would also work in there, .

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Videotron: SA Explorer 8300HD with external HDD Discussion and ...
I have a 8300HD and a external hard disk Esata Appricorn. . between the 8300 and the 8300+ other than the size of the internal HDD (160Gb .

How to Add an External HDD to an Explorer 8300 | eHow.com
The Explorer 8300 DVR detects the new hard drive automatically, so it only takes a . The amount of time it takes depends on the size of your SATA hard drive. 4 .

Explorer® 8300HD Digital Video Recorder
Connecting the 8300HD to an External SATA Hard Disk Drive (optional) ......... 16. Connecting the . support the size and weight of this product. WARNING: .

How to replace explorer 8300hd internal - Comment changer le ...
Explorer 8300hd replace hard drive Scientific atlanta explorer 8300hd hard . virtual memory, change, custom size radio button set initial size (MB) to what is .

GEARbits: Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD Hi-Def DVR
Is there a limit on drive size for the formatting to work? Thanks,. Paula | January 15, 2000 2:46 PM. I have the SA 8300HD box with Cox in Phoenix. Bought a new .

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SA8000/8300HD - Internal Hard Disk Upgrade Works (Cloning too) See ...
I recently upgraded my hard disk after a crash to a WD500 based on . able to see the full size of the larger drive on the 8300 diagnostics page.

Download From DVR - How To Information | eHow.co.uk
The AT&T U-Verse Total Home DVR is known for the substantial size of its internal hard drive, which can hold over 200 hours of video, and its ability to record up .

How to Connect an Explorer 8240 HDC to an External HD | eHow.com
The component is equipped with an installed 160-gigabyte hard drive for storing . How to Set Up Explorer 8240 HDC & an 8300 DVR With a Multi-Stream Cable . Just because your current hard drive is fried or you outgrew its size capacity .

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Connecting the Explorer 8300HD Digital - of Cisco
Connecting the 8300HD to an External SATA Hard Disk Drive (optional) ......... 16. Connecting the . support the size and weight of this product. WARNING: .

User's Guide_Explorer Digital Video Recorder User's Guide
*The Multi-Room DVR feature is only available on the Explorer® 8300™ Multi- . Size HDTV picture . Add Storage with a SATA Hard Disk Drive (Optional) .

Service: Rogers PVR 8300HD Hard Drive Upgrade & Data Transfer ...
Mar 28, 2012 . rogers pvr 8300hd hard drive upgrade & data transfer do you have a . I can supply the new drive (over 2X size – 40 hours of HD instead of 20) .

SATA Supply.com
Add a Serial ATA Drive to a Scientific-Atlanta 8300 DVR . eSATA to SATA hard drive cable for use with Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300 High . recorder (DVR) to add up to 300 hours of recording time (depending on the drive size, system and .

How to easily add space to your DVR | Getting Older and Wiser
Apr 30, 2010 . Unlike a computer, a DVR writes to the hard drive almost constantly. . The My DVR Expander drive is not to big, about the size of a paperback book. . Instructions (these are the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD instructions, scroll .

List of SATA to PATA (IDE) adapters, please add yours - Page 5 ...
"Use the Jmicron 20330 controller (devices such as the 8300HD PVR only works with this controller for hard disk upgrade)." Could I go with 2 .

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Scientific Atlanta 8300HD SARA eSATA Database
Scientific Atlanta 8300HD SARA eSATA Database. This web page is to support the users over at AVSForum adding an external eSATA drive to the Scientific .

Amazon.com: 1TB Dvr Expander Esata/usb Interface: Electronics
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.1 x 2 inches ; 4 pounds; Shipping Weight: 4 . The Western Digital MY DVR hard drive never was recognized by my DVR . If you have cablevision in NJ and have the scientific atlanta 8300HD, this is the way to go.

User's Guide - Connecting the Explorer 8300HD Digital Video ...
Connecting the 8300HD to an External SATA Hard Disk Drive (optional) .............. 12. Connecting the . support the size and weight of this set-top. WARNING: .

Jitter, stutter, and Pixelation [Archive] - WeaKnees TiVo Forums
Just bought the external hard drive expander - and installed without a hitch. . What size drive did you order? . Digital My DVR Expander 1TB External Hard Drive WDG1S10000VN to my Cablevision 8300HD (SARA) DVR.

The Explorer® 8300 HD
MAXTV's Explorer® 8300 HD revolutionizes the way you watch TV! Its . (160 gig hard disk) and transfer it onto videocassettes if necessary. . Set picture size .

StarTech UNIDUPDOCK Hard Drive Dock/Duplicator - 2.5/3.5 SATA ...
Buy the StarTech UNIDUPDOCK Hard Drive Dock/Duplicator at a super low price . . TigerDirect.com - Shop by phone 1-800-800-8300 - Computer & Electronics . as long as the source drive does not exceed the size of the destination drive.

CE Control Wiki: Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD Cable Box
Apr 28, 2009 . Model/Series: Explorer 8300HD . If the cable company powers down the hard drive when the box is idle AND runs firmware that ALWAYS .

HDTV Magazine - HDTV Forum • View topic - How to display 1080i HD ...
My older pair of Scientific Atlanta #8300HD most-definitely did so! ... these . Another problem is the 8300HD DVR is the only one which works with a hard drive . Here are the dimensions of a 42" Plasma set that WILL "fit into" .

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How to Troubleshoot the 8300HD | eHow.com
The 8300HD is often equipped with a 320GB hard drive that is capable of storing . Verify that the resolution and screen size are correct for your TV. 5. Turn both .

Apricorn DVR Expander for Cable
Unfortunately there is never enough space on the DVR hard drive to record . DVR Expander is the perfect companion for the Scientific Atlanta 8300 and 8240 series . iteration of Apricorn's DVR Expander series, now offering sizes up to 2TB.

User's Guide, Consumer - Explorer Digital Video Recorder User's ...
8300HD MR. Up to 20 hours of HD programs. (based on a 160 GB capacity hard drive). *The total program hours that can be stored depends upon the format .

DVR Extender
Western Digital WDG1S5000VN 500GB My DVR Expander Hard Drive . My cable company uses the popular Scientif Atlanta 8300 HD for cable access. . Dimensions: Height 6.78" x Length 5.63" x Width 2.23" (172.2x143.0x56.7mm) .

TV Set-Tops FAQs - of Cisco
Can I connect an external hard drive to my Explorer 8300/8300HD? . Guide and in the DVR screens is the currently tuned channel (just reduced in size).

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SA 8300HD - HDTV - Home-Theatre
should run HDMI from the 8300 to the A10 for video (which you have done). Turn off . need a hand clap to set up room dimensions. Far out! . This one is very interesting, it discusses adding an external drive to the 8300 . Another 8300HD question · Swapping hard drives in Scientific Atlanta's 8300HD.

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TiVo Premiere HD DVR Reviewed
Mar 9, 2010 . It features a 320GB hard drive and provides up to 45 hours of HD recording. . This two-tuner HD DVR has a 320GB hard drive (twice the size of the basic TiVo . Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD Cable Receiver Reviewed - .

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